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Law Office Leppik & Partners provides all-around legal assistance primarily in the following areas:


  • contract law – drafting and making legal analysis of different contracts;
  • civil law – property law, law of obligations, bankruptcy law, labour law, family law and inheritance law;
  • commercial law, including all its aspects – establishment, transformation, merging or liquidation of companies and legal analysis of relevant issues;
  • legal analysis of projects – legal evaluation of business projects, formation of legal memorandums and overviews;
  • matters relating to land and ownership reforms – privatisation of companies and land and restitution of unlawfully expropriated land or property;
  • administrative law – handling disputes relating to public law, contesting public acts and directives;
  • customs and tax law issues;
  • competition and copyright law;
  • representation in negotiations, in the arbitration court and in all court instances with regard to various civil or administrative disputes;
  • privacy and personal data protection - consulting and representation of persons and personal data controllers and processors;
  • criminal law – defence during preliminary investigation and in court, representation of civil petitioners or defendants in criminal proceedings;
  • preparing appeals to the European Court of Human Rights.

The Law Office Leppik & Partners does not exclude provision of legal assistance in any other area excluded in the above list.